A new dawn, a new day

Roughly 80% of the trading performed on the financial markets today are automated by machines [1]. Banks do it, hedge funds, pension funds and anyone else, but are you?

For me it all started more than a decade ago, I learned my first programming language: C#. During that same period, I also learned the definition of a stock. I was interested in both as both worlds are ever changing, data driven and intellectually challenging. I quickly asked myself, what if I were to combine both worlds and have a machine do the dirty work for me. Machines are more accurate, decisive and consistent in their behavior. Although, I quickly realized this is a task with many challenges ahead, such as:

  • Should I start from scratch and build something specific to my needs?
  • How and where would I get the data from?
  • Did I take into account all aspects of building a trading algorithm? (how does an algorithm look and work?)
  • How can I get as close as possible to the exchanges, for lower latency, without upfront costs?
  • I had many trading ideas back than, do I really have to write and rewrite all of them when market conditions changes?

Looking back now, it was allot of work. I had allot of struggle realizing what I wanted. Even when my algorithms were trading live, I was slow in adapting them for current market regimes. Realizing there should be a better way, if only:

  • I no longer needed to develop all parts of my trading algorithm again and again.
  • A machine could leverage my understanding of the markets and I would be left with the creativity part.
  • When I finally had an algorithm, I would just have to press a button "play". No installations, no maintenance, no upfront costs. "Hassle free"

I searched, but could not find anything that satisfied my needs for all of the requirements mentioned above. And so, the idea for Quantler was born. Our goal is not only to lower the barrier for traders interested in algorithmic trading, but also to provide experienced traders with a faster development process from idea to execution. A new way in realizing, testing and trading your algorithms via the cloud. We will be introducing the following concepts in Quantler to achieve this:

  • Template based strategy development - Modular trading algorithms. Build a trading algorithm by developing your own templates. Collaborate and improve. Focus on your trading ideas, without having to rewrite code.

  • Cloud based and installation free - Go online and use the power of the cloud to test and run your algorithm online next to the exchanges. Quantler will provide you with the capacity, data and tooling you need.

  • Create samples to test your strategy - A sample is a predetermined period of data on which we test our trading ideas. By using samples and comparing results with other samples we can reduce the implications of curve fitting and many other biases.

  • The auto discovery service - Let Quantler find new trading algorithms for you based on your own trading ideas and periodically check if we found something of interest.

  • Multi Broker Compatible - Trade with over 250 brokers worldwide, wherever you are, we've got you covered. Use Quantler for free and let your broker sponsor your subscription or choose any of the brokers you want.

In the upcoming weeks we will provide more information on how Quantler works and how it can help you with the realization of your trading ideas. Stay tuned.